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MyBabyBook is your online place for finding out everything you want and need to know about your baby. We on MyBabyBook.org are trying to give our best to post and update all the information on our web site, so that you, our dear users, can be sure that all the information here is as accurate as possible and up-to date.

MyBabyBook.org is the first online web-site where you will be able to find a lot of information about your little ones. In future we will constantly upgrade the web-site adding new features and sections. Just check regularly and browse all the sections to check what's new on MyBabyBook.org


NOTE: All the information on this web-site is accurate as possible, but you should NOT follow the instructions/advices blindly, and if in doubt, please CONTACT your doctor for medical assistance as the team/developers of the site www.MyBabyBook.org are NOT responsible if anything happens to you or your baby, because of following the advices you found on our web-site.


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By- amenda
18 Feb 2018 16:04
first appointment Rihanna, I feel like a very informative post for the starters. When I decided to go to the clinic was lucky enough to find a clinic who provided me with the information. I myself had also done a lot of research as I was travelling abroad and didn't want to...
By- amenda
18 Feb 2018 15:44
Maybe this will help you realise what a surrogacy Hey there Ashley. I hope you're doing great. Well, firstly congratulations for having a baby. One of the reasons why I really like surrogacy is because it allows so many of us to have babies. Babies that are genetically linked to us and related. The surrogacy...
By- Jami909
17 Feb 2018 04:33
Need a help Hello, I was facing this trouble in my life.Almost taking all kind of medicines and check-up.we come to this decision that we should take the step that was making 100 % success. we cannot survive without the kid. My husband is very loving and supportive.we...
16 Feb 2018 18:56
my story. YY, you can go through IVF. As you said cyst was non-cancerous then why you are afraid of having this. The decision is yours. I think you should know about the pros and cons of adoption as well as surrogacy. Surrogacy has its own pros and cons. While...
16 Feb 2018 18:49
Tired Fresh Boarder, I know what you are feeling right now. As I am being TTC for about 30 years. I also looked many doctors. Even I also belong to that particular field. But having hundreds or thousands of medication I don’t get any fruitful result. For about...
By- amenda
16 Feb 2018 16:16
Fertility Treatment Overview I'll choose this form to let you know about my experience as well. I was literally put on pills by my doctor for about 1 year. Literally wasted it, then I came across this other really known clinic who almost every foreigner has been to and that changed my...
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